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Ron Legrand

Why Ron LeGrand?

I met Ron LeGrand way back in 1989 in Arlington Virginia. Back then, well, let's just say he wasn't the warm, cuddly teddy bear he is now. Ron was one of the first real estate speakers whom, at the end of his "introductory seminar" had a tape program for sale for a whopping $495! Really, for some tapes?! Well, I was actually smart enough to pay this for his Quick Turn Real Estate Program. What I learned in these tapes has allowed me turn earn a good living in real estate, in fact, I was a "millionaire" by the time 1999 rolled around. That's great, right? NO!

What I didn't tell you is that after spending all that money on Ron's tapes he was pushing, I mean promoting, his Quick Sale Boot Camp for $1,195! The man wasn't only a cocky SOB he was crazy. I chose to not part with anymore of my money that day and not go to his boot camp. What that one little decision cost over the years can be measured, not in the thousands but in the millions of dollars. I reconnected with Ron LeGrand and his organization about a year ago and I recently spent five days with Ron in Orlando Florida. I am back on track but what a price I've paid. 

You will pay for your education one way or another as there is no way around it. There's the hard way, the school of hard knocks and Ron's way, the faster, easier and lot less expensive way. Don't make the same mistake now that I made all of those years ago.

Where do I start?

When you are in any business ideally you want all of the tools available in your arsenal. This is especially true in real estate. The more tools you have available to you the more people you can help and the more money you can make. With that said, why not start by clicking on the first link below and get Ron's book & CD free with no obligation. If when, you are through, your eye's aren't opened to what your life could be and you aren't fired up then maybe real estate isn't for you. If on the other hand you thirst for more, bigger and better in your life you are at the right place. There is no one on the planet more qualified to teach you, not only the real estate business, but how to be very successful in your real estate business than Ron LeGrand. Take action now! 

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Formal Education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

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If you are selling or planning to sell houses via lease options many (most) of your tenant buyers will need help getting their credit reports straightened out and get their credit scores up so they get institutional financing and cash you out at the end of their lease term. I have some exciting news to help this goal become a reality. I have arranged to have a credit enhancement professional evaluate your tenant buyers credit report for Free! In order to take advantage of this opportunity, they will need to set up an appointment. The promotional code of DFWRE will enable them to access a credit enhancement professional’s schedule to set their free evaluation appointment.  This service is offered free due to my business relationship with this company.  I have checked out their credentials and refer them to you with confidence. If your tenant buyers elect to work with them after the free evaluation it is only $99/month for at most 6 months. The average improvement in their client’s score is 85 points over the 6 month time frame.  If you or they have any questions many of them will be addressed on their website and their phone number is also listed there. Click on "My Credit Team" .

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