Seven Money Saving VIP Seller Programs


                                                                                                                                                                                      Plan 1: FSBO $497 Flat Fee Listing Program ($750 Value)

  • MLS Exposure: Reach More Than 12,500 Realtors With Buyers
  • Photographs and Detailed Description of your property
  • Listed on Several Dozen Websites including
  • Professional Craig's List & BackPage ads
  • Your Own Property Website and Virtual Tour
  • Showing Service with Direct Web Access to your account
  • Professional Yard Sign & Electronic Lock Box
  • Create professional flyer's, via website
  • No Additional Fees, Ever!

The perfect DFW flat fee listing program for FSBO's. You have the best of both worlds, MLS exposure and the flexibility and savings of selling FSBO.  

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Plan 2: Premium $1,497 Flat Fee Listing Program (Best Value)

  • MLS Exposure: Reach More Than 12,500 Realtors With Buyers
  • Listed on several dozen websites including
  • Photographs and detailed description of your home
  • Market evaluation and consultation to set best listing price
  • Free Advice on staging, selling and showing your home
  • Professional Craig's List & BackPage Ads
  • Your Own Property Website and Virtual Tour
  • Professional Yard Sign with Call Capture Technology
  • Electronic Lock Box with Built in Security Features
  • Create professional flyer's, via website
  • Showing Service with Direct Web Access to your account
  • Legal Contracts Documents and Disclosures
  • Showing property to prospective buyers
  • Full Broker Support
  • E-Blast Your Listing to Thousands of Potential Buyers in our Database
  • Pre-Screening of all buyers - Free buyer pre-approval
  • Assisting with buyer/seller negotiations
  • Negotiate repairs by buyer during option period
  • Assisting with preparation of documentation relevant to the sale
  • Intermediary handling of contract and funds with escrow agent
  • Make sure inspection, option period, financing and closing is accomplished during the time frame of contract
  • Assuring all terms of contract including time frames are complied with
  • Follow up with buyers lender to ensure financing is in place
  • Listed until your property is Sold!
  • There are no change fees, extension fees, no additional fees period!

Dallas flat fee listing - Full Broker Support - Monitoring inspections, re-inspections, agreements between buyer and seller as to repairs needed and assurance of compliance with all agreements prior to closing.

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   Plan 3 - 60 Day Home Sale Guarantee

VIP Realty Platinum will give you a written guarantee that your home will be sold within 60 days of your listing. This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home doesn't sell within 60 days for Top Dollar, we will pay you $1,000 Guaranteed! Click "60 Home Sale Guarantee"

   Plan 4 - Value Listing Program for 4.5%

Don't want to pay an upfront fee? No problem, VIP Realty Platinum will list your home for 1.5% listing commission due at closing.  Similar to Plan 1 but paid at closing.

   Plan 5 - Full Service Program

We will be with you from day one, from the CMA, marketing, showings, compliance, contract, negotiations, inspections, buyer financing, through closing.  Our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals are dedicated to exceeding client expectations. Similar to Plan 2 but paid at closing.

   Plan 6 - Quick Sale Program

Inquire about this progressive quick sale program that will get your house sold at the highest price in only 10 to 14 days!

   Plan 7 - Short Sale Program

If you owe more money on your house than your house is worth or if your are behind on your payments then this program may be for you. Click Short Sale My House for more information.

At VIP Realty Platinum we respect the privacy of our customers and the importance of the information you entrust to us.  We will never sell or disclose your personal information to any third party.  Plans and incentives cannot be combined. Contact a VIP agent for full terms and conditions.