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It seems silly that one simple credit card can be the factor which qualifies you to purchase your home. Truth can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes, establishing or demonstrating an ability to successfully maintain long-term debt is the only standing between you and the home of your dreams.

Before you rush down to the nearest department store to apply for a credit card and receive a free set of steak knives, keep this in mind: not all credit cards are created equal. Lenders tend to look upon department store credit cards, gas station credit cards and the like as signs that you depend on them because you can’t actually afford the things you buy with them. Clothing, tires, various household goods…not the ideal and can actually count against you instead

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So you want to get into real estate and you've heard about this great thing they call "wholesaling". But what is wholesaling? Is it good? Is it legal? How hard is it, exactly? While some questions may be easier to ask than others, it is important to remember that each situation is different and I am no layer. Before we even get started, let's go over a few ground rules when it comes to wholesaling real estate.

  1. Get your license. Seem simple enough? Always have the correct paperwork  and knowledge to do what you do at the drop of a hat. It is always better to not need it and have it than to not have it and need it so be on the up and up!
  2. Buy and sale. Of course, we'll cover this more a bit later, but before we even get started let's just make

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When purchasing a home, a bad credit score can seem like the worst thing imaginable. As profitable as it is to actually own your own home, you may find yourself on the wrong end of renting for a very long time. But, with the market being what it is today, it is actually a buyers world out there, and, good credit or not, you are more likely to be able to purchase your very own home if you simply follow this quick and easy guideline in order to make the process go just a little bit more smoothly.


The first step to buying a home is to research federal mortgage programs and search for the right property. The Veterans Administration as well as the Federal Housing Administration can be much more forgiving and provide affordable loans that…
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It's generally the case that if one can afford to rent, the same can afford to buy. Some would-be buyers are only held back by the lack of funds for sufficient down payment and closing costs. Programs such as the SETH 5 and others like it, allow buyers to purchase with zero down and zero closing costs. Although SETH 5 is not available in El Paso,Grand Prairie or McKinney (but it is available everywhere else in Texas), other "loan products" which are similar to SETH 5 are available everywhere or do include those three Texas cities.

SETH 5, for example, is an FHA "product", so the buyer's property taxes and insurance are rolled into the payments. This feature can really simplify the financial responsibilities of home ownership. There is no first-time

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That moment... that moment that every home buyer or seller dreads... Choosing a Real Estate Agent! This is such an important decision. The right realtor can take the buying or selling process and make it painless; but the wrong realtor can mess it up for everyone. 

My advice? Interview Your Realtors!!

They work for you. You are hiring them for their skill, knowledge and trust-ability. This is such a personal and important decision. Do not just use someone because a friend said to. Interview them. Every Realtor Does NOT Fit All. 

First, personalities and goals must match. Second, you need to trust them. And, finally, time as a realtor does not matter - it's knowledge. Some of the best realtors I have ever worked with were newly licensed but had

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Many of my clients asked me if now is a good time to buy a Texas home. My answer to almost everyone is if you can afford to buy a house right now, you need to do it.

Over the last five years Texas rental rates have skyrocketed. More people are staying in their existing home for longer periods of time which is keeping the supply of available homes for sale at record lows.  Interestingly enough mortgage rates have remained low for the last several years and are still near historic lows. This makes your mortgage payments less than rent in many cases.

With major corporations such as Toyota, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and a host of many others moving their headquarters to the Dallas Texas Metroplex the demand for housing exceeds the available inventory.

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