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When dealing with numbers, especially in real estate, you may find that your mental capacity of calculations tends to be tested on a semi-regular basis. The cost of spending versus the cost of repairs and marketing is a major factor that you need to and should be totally aware of at any and all times.

Love numbers or not, numbers are a part of your industry so you had better brush off that algebraic thinking cap from back in high school and get to adding.

But, do not worry.

As it turns out you do not have to be a world renown mathematician to calculate your earnings and losses when it comes to the real estate market.

What Makes Numbers So Important?

When looking at a new property, there are several factors to consider. What is the location?

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There is literally an infinite amount of reasons why you should want to manage your own rental properties. The main reason one should want (if not absolutely NEED) to manage their own property is the simple phrase "no one cares about your property as much as you". And you would be correct. No one will possibly find as good of tenants as you ever will to take care of your home(s).

You may also learn that you can save a bit of cash by managing on your own. A good number of realtors will charge up to 10% causing you to essentially pay out of pocket for something you already own. And that's not to mention the charge for finding tenants in the first place. You could be charged first months rent, last months rent, or both just for THEM to find you someone to

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That moment... that moment that every home buyer or seller dreads... Choosing a Real Estate Agent! This is such an important decision. The right realtor can take the buying or selling process and make it painless; but the wrong realtor can mess it up for everyone. 

My advice? Interview Your Realtors!!

They work for you. You are hiring them for their skill, knowledge and trust-ability. This is such a personal and important decision. Do not just use someone because a friend said to. Interview them. Every Realtor Does NOT Fit All. 

First, personalities and goals must match. Second, you need to trust them. And, finally, time as a realtor does not matter - it's knowledge. Some of the best realtors I have ever worked with were newly licensed but had

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