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Posted by Amanda C Dempsey on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 at 12:13am.

Real estate, much like fishing, requires a certain amount of knowledge, patience, and of course, the right bait. The truth is, if you cast your hook, sit in the same place at the same time day in and day out and you have yet to so much as get a nibble, you may have to start looking at your method. Just because you have done something the same way for a long time does not mean you must continue to do it. There is nothing wrong with changing things up and taking a chance on something new. After all, teach a man to fish...well, I'm sure you know the rest.


The sad fact is, many real estate agents are guilty of making a lot of the same mistakes. Each one may be using the same listings, have the same clientele, and be using the same exact marketing strategy. The problem with this is, if everyone is fishing from the same dock, then where are all the fish? Chances are, you are guilty of it too. You likely post to the same newspapers and magazines, hold the same type of open houses, deal with the same referrals, and you send out the same emails and social media spots as you've always done. Now, on the surface, there is nothing wrong with this. What's try and true is fine and dandy, but what happens with the old "tried and true" becomes "tried and failed"?


Don't be afraid to try new things. That is what life is all about. One of the first things you want to look at is the home itself. Sure, an open house every other weekend is fine, but what if no one is buying? Why not allow a client to go on a sort of "test drive" before they purchase. Don't just show them the house, show them the HOME. Set up an add, not for a rental property, but a temporary housing unit such as a bed and breakfast. This will allow a potential buyer to get the feel of what it's like to really live there rather than just visit.

Next, look at the area itself. Don't worry so much about what is IN the home, but focus on what is around it. Arrange a sort of "tour of the neighborhood". Contact various sites such as Uber and have potential buyers be picked up, dropped off, and driven around town to get the feel of not just home, but of a community. Make them feel like they are already a part of something before you even talk about a down payment. It can make a world of difference. Try holding a meet up for local neighbors in your property to discuss ways to improve the area. By having a diverse group and a discussion of what the neighborhood not only had to offer but how it can improve, can do wonders for someone who is on the fence about buying or renting.

Instead of an open home where you simply show a potential buyer or renter around, you will have the entire neighborhood there to meet their new neighbors and talk about what an incredible experience it is living on that block as well as how much better it can and will be. This not only opens a line of discussion for new prospects but can give you an idea of homes and areas to look out for in the near future. Another idea is to take a more expansive look at your home. Anyone can take a photo from the outside and get some nice shots of the kitchen, but have you considered an areal view?

Long gone are the days of expensive helicopter rides and photography, for a relatively low price, you can either purchase or rent your own drone to fly above your property and give a real birds eye view of what your buyer or renter is getting. Chances are, seeing the house from above is going to change their perspective a be much more of an influence than your tired old curbside shots. One of the more tricky ideas is to not just hold an open house or a meetup for the home but to host an entire event altogether.

Chances are there are a few locations and businesses that are either just starting out or need a little extra boost in your area that would love a space to showcase what they have to offer. This can be anything from a retail store to a fancy art studio. Imagine your rental property being used to display beautiful works of arts from local artist only for the attendees to find out that they not only can purchase said works of art but the entire home they are being displayed in as well. Overall, this can be a real win-win for everyone involved. It may be a bit worrisome dealing with that many potential clients at once, but, if you work closely with whoever is hosting the event, you are both guaranteed to come out on top.


Selling a home is not exactly a cake walk, but it does not have to be an impossible mission either. Trying the same things over and over may seem comfortable and safe, but if you simply take some initiative and think outside the box, you will be surprised what you can accomplish with a few minor changes and a little bit of ingenuity. Don't be afraid to take a chance, take a risk, and seize any and all opportunity to not only make yourself a profit but to help someone who would have otherwise been unaware of your property a chance to find the home of their absolute dreams. So get out there and pick a new fishing spot Go out at dawn instead of dusk. Just get out there, and never ever be afraid to change your bait. Good luck, all the best, and happy fishing.

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