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If you are in real estate, even just starting out, there is, at least, a slight chance the concept of purchasing commercial real estate has crossed your mind. If you ARE just starting out, you are likely dealing with the likes of homes and apartments, but there comes a time in most real estate agents lives where they sit back and wonder just how much better life would be if they were to somehow get their hands on a juicy bit of commercial real estate. If you have ever wondered if this is right for you, just sit back and see what we have to say about the pros and cons of commercial property.


There are a few things that can constitute as commercial property. When you consider commercial real estate, you are likely

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That moment... that moment that every home buyer or seller dreads... Choosing a Real Estate Agent! This is such an important decision. The right realtor can take the buying or selling process and make it painless; but the wrong realtor can mess it up for everyone. 

My advice? Interview Your Realtors!!

They work for you. You are hiring them for their skill, knowledge and trust-ability. This is such a personal and important decision. Do not just use someone because a friend said to. Interview them. Every Realtor Does NOT Fit All. 

First, personalities and goals must match. Second, you need to trust them. And, finally, time as a realtor does not matter - it's knowledge. Some of the best realtors I have ever worked with were newly licensed but had

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