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30+ Days on the Market and Still Counting?


So your boxes are all packed and you made an offer for a new home, but there is one thing holding you back—your current house has not sold! When you first signed your listing agreement you had high hopes that your home would have a qualified offer within the week. One week turned into two, and two to three, and now your home has been on the market 30+ days and counting!

You may be asking the question, “Why haven’t I sold my home yet?” Unfortunately, this is a common questions sellers ask. Fortunately, for you there is a small list of reasons and some minor adjustments that can be made to come to a solution that leads to your home being sold at a fair price in no time! According to numerous real estate

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Real estate, much like fishing, requires a certain amount of knowledge, patience, and of course, the right bait. The truth is, if you cast your hook, sit in the same place at the same time day in and day out and you have yet to so much as get a nibble, you may have to start looking at your method. Just because you have done something the same way for a long time does not mean you must continue to do it. There is nothing wrong with changing things up and taking a chance on something new. After all, teach a man to fish...well, I'm sure you know the rest.


The sad fact is, many real estate agents are guilty of making a lot of the same mistakes. Each one may be using the same listings, have the same clientele, and be using the

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So,here it is. You've got that promotion or raise or better job and now it's time to move. Or, maybe you're just tired of your neighbors dog doing it's business in your yard. Either way, it's time to sale your precious home! But, here's the question that weighs heavy on every home owners mind; do I REALLY need a realtor to sale my house?

Well, the simple answer is "Yes, are you crazy, why would you do that to yourself!" but before I get too caps lock, allow me to explain.

Your home is just that: your home. It has been your shelter and life and love for however long you have lived there and that means something to you. But that is the exact point we should start out at. What it means to you may not mean as much to a potential buyer. Sure, little

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So you want to sell your home, but you're not sure if a realtor is right for you. You want to go full on "for sale by owner" but is FSBO worth the hassle. The truth is there is no simple and honest answer to this. Each home has its own story and each situation has a different resolve. But, before you go throwing paper into the air and calling quits, take a quick look at 20 things you want to consider before selling your home yourself.

1. What are the most effective ways to attract buyers?

You want to sell and they want to buy, but what good is money when there is no one to exchange hands with. People are looking for homes every day, so what makes yours stand out? Find out what makes your home special and worth while and tell the world. Depending on

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That moment... that moment that every home buyer or seller dreads... Choosing a Real Estate Agent! This is such an important decision. The right realtor can take the buying or selling process and make it painless; but the wrong realtor can mess it up for everyone. 

My advice? Interview Your Realtors!!

They work for you. You are hiring them for their skill, knowledge and trust-ability. This is such a personal and important decision. Do not just use someone because a friend said to. Interview them. Every Realtor Does NOT Fit All. 

First, personalities and goals must match. Second, you need to trust them. And, finally, time as a realtor does not matter - it's knowledge. Some of the best realtors I have ever worked with were newly licensed but had

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