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Posted by Amanda C Dempsey on Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 11:09pm.

When you are a teen, things are always so complicated. You're not a kid anymore but you're not quite an adult so everything you do is sort of in between. You can't exactly hang out at the local "Kiddy Pizza Place", but bars and clubs are not exactly on your list of things to do either. So what's a teen in the DFW area to do on an average Saturday night? Well, let me give you some ideas.

1. Room Escape Adventures.

Ever play one of those point-and-click "room escape games"? If not, here's a basic idea of how they are trapped in a room and you have to find a set of clues in order to escape. Sounds simple, right? Well, imagine that idea but in real life. There are various "room escapes" all over  the DFW area and have many themed rooms including a space theme, a steampunk theme, a video game theme, and more are on the way. And the best part is, it's not JUST for teens. Kids and grown-ups can have just as much fun too (if you're into hanging out with your little brother and parents, that is.---

2. Skate Park 

One of the most iconic activity of the active teen for years now has been skate boarding. Many a teen has spent many an hour on many a half pipe. Bust a kick flip and show off a perfect ollie or nollie  at any one of dozens of skateparks in the greater metropolitan area.

3. Bowling. 

No, bowling isn't just for old guys in plaid shorts. Over the years, bowling has seen a greater comeback and continues to gain popularity among young and old alike. And with new and updated lighting and often amazing sound systems, it's easy to see why teens even now flock to the local alley.

4. Music Venues.

So, as a teen, bars and clubs may be out of the questions, but music is ALWAYS an option. In Deep Ellum alone there are dozens of venues that either constantly or at least often house all ages or teen based shows. Just take a few minutes and you'll find a large variety of music and places to visit hosting everything from country to punk. One of the foremost venues of today is "The Door" and is known far and wide for it's all ages shows. Definitely worth a look.

5. Parks

Yes, so you spent a lot of time at the local playground as a kid. So! Who says you're too old to go down a slide or try and get as high as you can on a swing before flying off into oblivion. It's free, fun, and nostalgic and doesn't let anyone tell you otherwise! Just don't hassle the little ones that are there, okay? You'll ruin it for everyone.

6. Library. 

If you're into books of any kind (yes, including comics) the library can be a fantastic place to chill. Librarys all over the DFW area even have special rooms and programs specifically for teens to hang out and have fun. And if you're not into reading so much, don't worry; the library is different from when your parents used to go. Now days, they have everything from DVD and Blu-Rays to free high-speed internet for all your gaming and or social media needs. It's fun, it's free, and you may just get a little smarter just by hanging out.

7. The Mall

Probably one of the most classic hang out spots since the last 70's, the mall offers a wide range of activity for those on the go. Granted, being in the mall with little to no money can be a bit of a downer to say the least, but, even on a shoestring budget, you can at least people watch from the food court or window shop until the have some funds. Who knows, maybe you'll even find a fun place to work part time. It's really a win, win.

8. Movies

Okay, so maybe you can't (or at least SHOULDN'T) actually talk during a movie, but you've got all before and all after to converse. Besides, most theaters now days come equipped with a fully loaded snack bar and drink station (not just popcorn anymore!) allowing you to hang out with friends and catch up before the film, then talk about it after.

9. Arcades/Fun Centers

These things are all over the place. Gone are the days of sticky floors and crumply tickets. Modern arcades are now packed with major high tech games, digital rewards, and fun coming out of your eyeballs. You can find everything from go-karts to laser tag at your local arcade now so go and check your local gaming spot soon! 

10. Skating rink. 

My personal favorite, the skating rink. It's not just slow couples skate now! With a variety of inline, aggressive, and even new redesigned classic quads, your skating experience is sure to be amazing. You can purchase you own skates or rent right there, but, either way, you're sure to have an absolute blast. Can't skate? Most rinks even offer classes for very little extra cash. Just don't run over the little kids, they are wobbly enough.

So, there you go, 10 best places to hang out in the DFW area. You may be able to find these types of places elsewhere, but nowhere else is as good as right here at home!

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