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Antoinette Brady is a highly skilled Realtor® with experience in residential, commercial, farm and ranch real estate. From luxury to purely functional, Antoinette extends the "red carpet" treatment to buyers at all price points and in all locations. Her professionalism and attention to detail are unsurpassed. She is intelligent, motivated, passionate and ready to take clients to the next level of home ownership.

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It seems silly that one simple credit card can be the factor which qualifies you to purchase your home. Truth can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes, establishing or demonstrating an ability to successfully maintain long-term debt is the only standing between you and the home of your dreams.

Before you rush down to the nearest department store to apply for a credit card and receive a free set of steak knives, keep this in mind: not all credit cards are created equal. Lenders tend to look upon department store credit cards, gas station credit cards and the like as signs that you depend on them because you can’t actually afford the things you buy with them. Clothing, tires, various household goods…not the ideal and can actually count against you instead

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It's generally the case that if one can afford to rent, the same can afford to buy. Some would-be buyers are only held back by the lack of funds for sufficient down payment and closing costs. Programs such as the SETH 5 and others like it, allow buyers to purchase with zero down and zero closing costs. Although SETH 5 is not available in El Paso,Grand Prairie or McKinney (but it is available everywhere else in Texas), other "loan products" which are similar to SETH 5 are available everywhere or do include those three Texas cities.

SETH 5, for example, is an FHA "product", so the buyer's property taxes and insurance are rolled into the payments. This feature can really simplify the financial responsibilities of home ownership. There is no first-time

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