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It's generally the case that if one can afford to rent, the same can afford to buy. Some would-be buyers are only held back by the lack of funds for sufficient down payment and closing costs. Programs such as the SETH 5 and others like it, allow buyers to purchase with zero down and zero closing costs. Although SETH 5 is not available in El Paso,Grand Prairie or McKinney (but it is available everywhere else in Texas), other "loan products" which are similar to SETH 5 are available everywhere or do include those three Texas cities.

SETH 5, for example, is an FHA "product", so the buyer's property taxes and insurance are rolled into the payments. This feature can really simplify the financial responsibilities of home ownership. There is no first-time

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If you have properly passed all of your exams, completed all of your courses, and finally have all of your paperwork in order and ready to hit the real estate game, you likely, by this point, have already come to the conclusion: "Holy Cow! I'm going to need a broker and quick"!

Now, before you go selling the shack before the mansion (real estate humor), you are going to need a few pointers on how to find the perfect broker - not only to represent you but to guide your career.

There are dozens of options in your area, half of which have called you this morning, so how do you find the right broker for you?

First, you want to talk!

Think of it as a sort of reverse interview. Ask them how long they have been a broker, what their experience is, how

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So,here it is. You've got that promotion or raise or better job and now it's time to move. Or, maybe you're just tired of your neighbors dog doing it's business in your yard. Either way, it's time to sale your precious home! But, here's the question that weighs heavy on every home owners mind; do I REALLY need a realtor to sale my house?

Well, the simple answer is "Yes, are you crazy, why would you do that to yourself!" but before I get too caps lock, allow me to explain.

Your home is just that: your home. It has been your shelter and life and love for however long you have lived there and that means something to you. But that is the exact point we should start out at. What it means to you may not mean as much to a potential buyer. Sure, little

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There is literally an infinite amount of reasons why you should want to manage your own rental properties. The main reason one should want (if not absolutely NEED) to manage their own property is the simple phrase "no one cares about your property as much as you". And you would be correct. No one will possibly find as good of tenants as you ever will to take care of your home(s).

You may also learn that you can save a bit of cash by managing on your own. A good number of realtors will charge up to 10% causing you to essentially pay out of pocket for something you already own. And that's not to mention the charge for finding tenants in the first place. You could be charged first months rent, last months rent, or both just for THEM to find you someone to

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So you want to sell your home, but you're not sure if a realtor is right for you. You want to go full on "for sale by owner" but is FSBO worth the hassle. The truth is there is no simple and honest answer to this. Each home has its own story and each situation has a different resolve. But, before you go throwing paper into the air and calling quits, take a quick look at 20 things you want to consider before selling your home yourself.

1. What are the most effective ways to attract buyers?

You want to sell and they want to buy, but what good is money when there is no one to exchange hands with. People are looking for homes every day, so what makes yours stand out? Find out what makes your home special and worth while and tell the world. Depending on

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Here at VIP Realty Platinum we value all our agents and all their dedicated, hard work. That's why we decided to begin highlighting each and everyone! Our second highlight of 2016 is a bright, driven and passionate with an incredible drive to put her clients' needs first.

Agent, Sabrina Allen is the proud mother of 2 spirited sons. With one away in the Army and the other studying in school. she and her husband continue experience life and build on their 26 years of marriage. Her journey to real estate was not as typical as one may think. She went to sell her house and realized that there was a gap in the Real estate market, customer service.

Having ample experience in the field of customer service and a big push from her loving family, she dove into

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When you are a teen, things are always so complicated. You're not a kid anymore but you're not quite an adult so everything you do is sort of in between. You can't exactly hang out at the local "Kiddy Pizza Place", but bars and clubs are not exactly on your list of things to do either. So what's a teen in the DFW area to do on an average Saturday night? Well, let me give you some ideas.

1. Room Escape Adventures.

Ever play one of those point and click "room escape games"? If not, here's a basic idea of how they go...you are trapped in a room and you have to find a set of clues in order to escape. Sounds simple, right? Well imagine that idea but in real life. There are various "room excapes" all over  the DFW area and have many themed rooms including

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Out Of Difficulties Grow Miracles

Every Realtor has found themselves in that moment... The Moment where they are trying to figure out if all the work, all the time and that emotional roller coaster is truly worth it. Well, I am here to tell you that is.

"Believe it or not you will bounce back and move on with your life if you want. If not depression will set in and that will be your own doing, not the difficulty, not the disease and certainly the challenge would deny you your dream. You can choose to spend time in the situation wallowing in self-pity or make the most out of it. Each of us can become a magician and create miracles in the life!" -- Quotes Gram

With any new career, there is a learning processes every realtor needs to go

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What is VIP Realty Platinum's Agent highlight of the Month?

Honestly, all of our agents are so incredible and work so hard that I didn't want to make this a competition. Each person is working on different directions and different goals, that it would be impossible to measure a "winner". So, I decided to make a Highlight of the Month, instead. This month, we want to highlight Yunie Elder . Yunie is the proud mommy of a toddling son, wife to an incredible husband and passionate realtor. Before real estate, she dreamed of working in the FBI. That dream pushed her through Baylor University where she achieved graduating with her BA. Once she learned that the FBI wasn't in the cards she shifted those passions from FBI Agent to Real Estate Agent. This…
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Coffee, life's legal addiction to get you through the day. You love it, you need it, you crave it. Without it, you're grumpy and unpleasant but with it you become the most productive, fiery professional with a pep in their step and eyes on the prize... Or, is that just me?

Well, if you are any where near as addicted to coffee as I am, here are my Top 10 DFW beaneries that should tickle those taste buds while giving you the jolt you desire.

Houndstooth Coffee

This Austin transplant brings the best of craft coffee to Dallas through their passion, talent and love of coffee and coffee shop culture. I was astonished by their bold blends and flavorful beverages. Plus, their baristas are actually trained to know the craft and art behind the

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