May 2016

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30+ Days on the Market and Still Counting?


So your boxes are all packed and you made an offer for a new home, but there is one thing holding you back—your current house has not sold! When you first signed your listing agreement you had high hopes that your home would have a qualified offer within the week. One week turned into two, and two to three, and now your home has been on the market 30+ days and counting!

You may be asking the question, “Why haven’t I sold my home yet?” Unfortunately, this is a common questions sellers ask. Fortunately, for you there is a small list of reasons and some minor adjustments that can be made to come to a solution that leads to your home being sold at a fair price in no time! According to numerous real estate

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When you are a teen, things are always so complicated. You're not a kid anymore but you're not quite an adult so everything you do is sort of in between. You can't exactly hang out at the local "Kiddy Pizza Place", but bars and clubs are not exactly on your list of things to do either. So what's a teen in the DFW area to do on an average Saturday night? Well, let me give you some ideas.

1. Room Escape Adventures.

Ever play one of those point-and-click "room escape games"? If not, here's a basic idea of how they are trapped in a room and you have to find a set of clues in order to escape. Sounds simple, right? Well, imagine that idea but in real life. There are various "room escapes" all over  the DFW area and have many themed rooms

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