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Chris Bentley


Since I began my career in real estate sales in 2003, I've worked for multiple brokers in multiple states. Harry Ridge and his brokerage, VIP Realty Platinum, is head & shoulders above the competition and the BEST broker hands down that I have ever worked for. Harry's knowledge, experience, and attention to providing the best customer service, is the reason why I'm proud to be a part of his brokerage.

Cory Badre

  What can I say? Before I joined VIP Realty Platinum I was with an "internationally known" brokerage but the leads were few and far in between and I was making no money. Within two weeks of joining VIP I had my first deal and now I am closing 3-4 transactions a month!

Marsy Sanders

marsy_sanders_3888  I've been with VIP Realty Platinum for over three years and have always appreciated the support that Harry and his staff provide. They are always available to answer questions and offer help in any given situation. Harry genuinely cares about his agents' success and goes out of his way to make you feel part of the team.

Adrian Castle

  I have reviewed the training materials and videos. I am very impressed with everything I have seen from your company and I wish wish I would have made the switch soon. 

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Brian Thomason

 I have been with VIP Realty Platinum for only a short time, but so far have been really impressed by the Broker Harry Ridge and office staff. My questions have been answered quickly. Mr. Ridge is technologically savvy and responds quickly either by text, email or phone call. If you're an agent looking for a move, I strongly suggest you give Mr. Ridge a call or email and find out more about it. You wont be disappointed!

Erica Wells  

 Harry & Rachel and the opportunities VIP Realty Platinum has provided me have allowed me to reach my goals of becoming a full time professional real estate agent.  I am looking forward to growing and succeeding in my real estate business.

Stanley Thomas

 As a new agent it was important to me to pick an agency that would provide me with support training and leads to get my business up and running.  With VIP Realty Platinum, I have received a lot of support and on the job training. There is no question to small for the VIP Realty Platinum team. Since I have started there has not been a moment were I have felt that I picked the wrong agency. I enjoy what I do and that has a lot to do with VIP Realty Platinum! 

Bobby Campbell  

bobby_cambell_160 Being retired from the military I appreciate both the structure and the flexibility VIP Platinum offers.  From a structure perspective, systems and procedures are in place to help ensure my success.  From a flexibility perspective, if plan doesn't work for my client I know there is another plan that will work for them. This allows me both, to serve them and to make a great income.

Cindy Tovar

VIP Realty Platinum was the right choice for me.  The leads are steady and I have as much business as I can handle. The support I receive from Rachel and Harry has been outstanding. They are always available and willing to help. 

Angie Barron

 My thoughts regarding VIP Realty Platinum: THANK GOD I FOUND THIS BROKERAGE!! Harry and Jennifer are so helpful in EVERY way! They promptly (and patiently) answer any and all questions no matter how simple or complicated it may be. This is allowing me to grow & develop confidence in my new real estate career and makes me look forward to everything I want to do. I could not ask for a better brokerage to work with and I'm so thankful to have found them. You guys are awesome!! Thanks so much!!   

Maxine Stewart

VIP Realty Platinum us what I prayed for. I am getting more than what I expected in training and support from Harry and his staff, With Harry helping me step by step, I was a "Big" Success with my First Open House, with over 30 Prospective Buyers, who came to my Open House. O Yes I love the leads I'm getting. My future looks very good at VIP Realty Platinum!!!!! The Best is yet to come!!!!

I love working with VIP Realty because of the endless resources available to me and my clients. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to make the business within the office as well as customer relationships stronger. Many other offices claim to have a Strong Internet presence and to offer leads. It's wonderful to finally be associated with a company that not only promises, but delivers on those promises. Leads Provided! Yes it's true.

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VIP Realty Platinum is a brokerage as diverse as the U.N., not only in our respective heritages, but also in personality and work style. I tend to be a slow starter, steadily gaining momentum as my knowledge and experience increase and coalesce. This has proved too frustrating for almost everyone I have ever worked with. At VIP, I have never been pushed, pressured, or prodded to produce. On the contrary, Harry, and Jennifer have helped me and accommodated me in every way imaginable as I learned in my own way, never once making me feel anything but welcome. Today, I am working on my first contract with half a dozen more on the horizon and leads galore. The last time I worked for anybody that recognized the importance of nurturing their people according to their individual quirky nature was exactly 30 years ago this month. Don’t risk waiting 30 years. It really is a long time.

Aziz "Razz"

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