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                         DFW Real Estate Careers


Looking for a DFW real estate career, to be in business for yourself?  Want the ability to control your own destiny with unlimited income potential? Consider VIP Realty Platinum, one of the fastest growing Real Estate Companies in Texas.     "Agent Testimonials

Agents are discovering VIP Realty Platinum's unique approach to systems, lead generation, branding and client retention.  And of course, there is our online Lead System - as many as you can handle (and no cold calling, EVER!).

Ask us about Scholarships asd Student loans. Get Your Real Estate Liscense $272! 

You Choose Your Commission

Technology - CRM Transaction Management System - Website with IDX & SEO Optimization - Single Property Websites - Zip Forms & Digital Ink Signature Programs - Paperless Management System - Signage with Call Capture Technology - Dominant Internet Presence - Social Media Marketing

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Plan 3

                           100% Commission Plan


Whether it's a rental, or a multi million dollar commercial transaction, 100% of the commission is yours to keep.

  • Only $97 per Month**
  • Full Time - Part Time
  • Effective On Demand Training
  • Your Own Professional Website - Promote Yourself!
  • We Cover Your E&O Insurance & Yard Signs
  • No Office Fees, Franchise Fees, Tech. Fees
  • Recruting Incentive
  • Commissions Paid Directly to You at Closing
  • For More 100% Plans Click "100% Plans"

Plan 2

                                        80/20 Split


No Office Fees, No Franchise Fees, No Tech. Fees, No Fees Period!

  • Exclusive Buyer and Seller Leads Provided**
  • Training, Mentoring & Coaching Program
  • Personalized Marketing Strategy
  • Dozens of Top Websites Promoting Your Listings
  • Yard Signs Provided
  • HUD Certified Broker / Commercial Broker
  • Promote Yourself With Your Own Professional Website
  • Full or Part Time - No Quotes to Meet
  • We Cover Your E & O Insurance
  • Set Your Own Commission Rates
  • Commissions Paid Directly to You at Closing
  • No Mandatory Floor Time - You Work From Home

Want the ability to keep your monthly cost to Zero Dollars and still have the ability to keep the majority of your commission? If you are you able to generate your own real estate business then this plan is for you. **The 80/20 split program is eligible for company leads.

Plan 1

                     Exclusive Partnership Program

Receive Steady Supply of Leads!

  • Exclusive Buyer and Seller Leads Provided!
  • Training, Mentoring & Coaching Program  
  • Cutting Edge Marketing Tools that Increase Opportunities
  • Personalized Marketing Strategy
  • Professional Craig's List & BackPage ads.
  • Dozens of Top Websites Promoting Your Listings
  • One-On-One Training & Mentoring Program
  • We Provide Yard Signs 
  • HUD Certified Broker / Commercial Broker
  • Your Own Website. Promote Yourself!
  • Personalized Marketing Strategy  
  • We Cover Your E & O Insurance
  • No Mandatory Floor Time - You Work From Home
  • No Office Fees, Franchise Fees, Tech. Fees. No fees Period!
  • Commissions Paid Directly to You at Closing
  • Earn Residual Income
  • Transfer Existing Listings/Buyers
  • Office / Conference Rooms in Multiple Locations
  • Direct Broker Access - Speak with VIP's knowledgeable Broker who has nearly 30 years experience in the industry.

Want a STEADY Supply of Leads? We can all agree selling real estate in North Texas is tough! There are over 15,000 other real estate agents in our area who are your DIRECT competitors. We will help you to gain an Advantage Over Your Competition! You will increase your income because our team approach enables you to spend your time working on high dollar productive activities only.

How Most Brokerages Work   -   Why Choose Us?  Agent Testimonials

New Agents:

Our Broker has nearly 30 years experience in the real estate industry. You will receive training and support in every aspect of your real estate business.  Our mentoring and coaching program will ensure your success! Don't let finances keep your from obtaining your liscense and starting your real estate career. Get your real estate classes and liscense for only $272! Ask us how.

FACT: Coaching can increase an agent’s first year commissions by nearly 300%

Experienced Agents:

Let us show you how easy it is to transfer your License to VIP Platinum and to Start Earning the Income You Deserve as a Real Estate Professional.  VIP Realty is one of the Most Innovative and Fastest Growing Brokerages in Texas.

Is VIP Realty Branded Radio on TV?  Yes, we do that too!

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